Text Selection Widget

With bass and treble, 3 values can be explored. The level is the least resultant of the 3, prompting colours to change or bleach. Gradients seem to be converted to a series of lines when the level is altered.

Bass is the most destructive of the 3, dragging sections of the image to the left when the value is positive. 0 serves as a neutral point where no effect is created and negative values appear to pull images in a similar manner to positive, albeit with a lighter overall tone and colour bleaching opposed to the darkening of positive values. Colours also appear to shift in hue depending on what value is chosen. As with the amplification effect, red and blue tones are the least drastically effected: darkening and greying out opposed to the tonal shift of the green and yellow.


Treble appears to shift colours similarly to level, albeit with a less predictable outcome and darkening in the negatives. The positive alterations appear to trigger the black to green effect that negative values would usually be responsible for. When used in conjunction with each other, the bass value appears to form the most noticeable structural transformations whilst treble can be used to enhance these and provide some additional transformation of its own.