Text Selection Widget

Changing the pitch functions as means of smudging the pixels of an image. Whilst the effect's interface is made up of various parameters that allow you to specify notation and so forth, the master parameter is the percent change value at the bottom. This is the only value that needs to be altered as any changes in the other settings will carry down to this bar. Additionally, only negative values should be used as positives result in a corrupt file. One of the side effects of the process is a sharp alteration of colour that appears to pull apart these colours and represent them as multicoloured noise. Interestingly, the horizontal bars seems to adapt to the process best. This relates to the visual dragging of the effect which only appears to slice and arrange in a horizontal fashion. Increasing the negative value of the effect dictates the amount to which the file is dragged. The dragging positions themselves can not be directly altered, but are fixed rather than random.


Using the grid screen, we can see not just how the pixels are stretched, but also how their direction changes based on the value. Multiples of ten leave a greater amount of recognisable detail, while values between alter the direction to a less identifiable degree.