Text Selection Widget

The echo effect brings two parameters that can be adjusted: decay time and decay factor. Essentially the effect works by literally echoing the image. Decay time functions as the distance and descriptive factors of the echo. A greater decay time results in a larger distance between repeated chunks. Think of it as how quick an echo travels. A shorter echo results in repetitive, quick sound whereas a larger echo is drawn out and the distance between repeated sections increased. Decay time also effects the pattern offset, resulting in a varying, stepped appearance.


Decay factor changes the overlapping and duplication of these chunks. Lower numbers will result in a busier, potentially darker image due to heavier amounts of overlaid information. Increasing this will effectively change the opacity and size of these overlays resulting in a cleaner image. Colours also tend to change as a result of this mechanic, exemplified by the larger decay time exports (40 and onwards) in the multicolour tests.