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Conceptually, the process is rooted under 'glitch art' as a way of manipulating or 'glitching' data to produce distorted effects that we synonymise with computer error and malfunction. As glitch art is still a relatively young and continually developing format, glitch theorists continue to define and argue the concept of what a glitch is and how it manifests itself. In current terminology, this process of sonification is a 'glitch-alike' method of production, where the outcome is semi-sporadic and deliberately pursued by the artist to embody glitch aesthetics and generative processes. From a design perspective, sonification is an incredibly powerful resource for creating art, yet little investigation into the specifics and mechanics of its processes have been made. Whilst there is an abundance of tutorials and guides on the basics of sonifying using audacity, these often overlook any analytical criteria and focus instead on aesthetic effect, with little attention on concept or artistic integrity.



An example of a sonified image.