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Reverb is another process with a great deal of customisable values. The base effect essentially staggers and repeats lines of the image. Parameters to alter this effect are summarised bellow:


Room size appears to increase the spacing between repetitions


Pre-delay values appear to effect the composition of repeated elements, however as of yet, no clear mechanics seem to highlight differences between high and low values.


Reverberance increases the intensity and noise of an image. Higher values relate to darker tones, more pronounced lines and a greater number of overlaid elements.


Damping lightly affects the position and tone of repeated pixels.


Tone Low and High control the opacity of repeated elements. Higher values correspond to heavy marks.


Wet Gain controls the overall intensity of the the effect.


Dry Gain controls the mix with the original image. Minus values equate to colour noise and positive to greys.


Stereo Width: not applicable to one (mono) track. No effect